JFGI Education

Building Capacity, Community, and Bridges through Education

All programs listed below are open to the entire community (unless geared towards a specific age or professional demographic) and are either free or do not have a different fee structure between members and non-members. We want everyone to feel welcome to learn and grow in our community!







Upcoming Community Learning Events

  • For Jewish 20-somethings in the Indianapolis area:

    We'll be joined by Rabbi Shelley Goldman to learn a little about the Jewish version of character building (mussar) and take a sometime to improv...

  • This year Chanukah and Christmas fall at the same time.  What does this mean for you as a grandparent of interfaith grandchildren?  Gather with peers on 11/24 from 10:00-11:30am at the Jewish Com...

Nurturing a Network of Jewish Learning 

The mission of JFGI is to promote the vision of a vibrant, engaged, inclusive, and sustainable Jewish community.  We are committed to investing resources to support a robust network of Jewish learning in our community through:



Aims to strengthen the quality and professionalism of educational leaders and programs in our community through: Professional Development Programs, JFGI Education Grants, and Leadership Development Opportunities.


Aims to optimize educational experiences as a tool to strengthen community ties through: Youth Programming, Supporting Diversity, and Community Learning Programs


Aims to utilize education as a mechanism for building bridges with others outside of the Jewish community through: Holocaust Education, Programming in Schools, and Library Outreach Programming.