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The Lunch Program


Interested in connecting with other members of the Jewish community? JFGI has a new initiative for you called the JFGI Lunch Program. 


The Lunch Program is simple: each month, we will send you an email with the name and contact information of your monthly match-up pairing. You and your match-up arrange to meet for lunch when convenient for you both. That’s it. That’s the Lunch Program. Easy, right?


Sign up today if you’re interested in participating.


The Lunch Program is a JFGI NEXTGen Initiative


FAQ About the Lunch Program


1. I hate lunch. What if I prefer coffee or breakfast?

No problem! You and your monthly match-up can meet however you’d like—lunch, breakfast, or coffee are all OK.


2. Who pays for lunch?

Each participant should pay for their own lunch.


3. What happens if my monthly match-up is non-responsive to my emails?

This will almost certainly happen at some point along the way, and perhaps more than once. Fear not! This is not a reflection upon you. Sometimes people get busy. Sometimes emails get stuck in spam filters. Sometimes we transpose a letter on an email address.

There’s no attendance requirement, so if a monthly meet-up doesn’t take place for one reason or another, that’s OK! All we ask is that if you find you cannot make time for any of the monthly meet-ups, let us know and we’ll remove your name and contact information from the roster.


4. This sounds suspiciously simple; what’s the catch?

No catch! And it is extraordinarily simple! We want you to meet new people, reacquaint yourself with old friends, and otherwise get out there and meet the community. We will help facilitate the meet-up process by randomly selecting your lunch partner each month.