While our world is gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic, heroes are emerging.  You know who they are…. it’s men, women and children across our Jewish community who are caring for all of us.


It’s the synagogue volunteer who gives you a call, just to make sure you’re doing okay; your neighbor who includes your shopping list in her weekly grocery store run; the healthcare provider who took your temperature when you thought you might be coming down with the virus; your rabbi who inspires you each week through a meaningful sermon or lesson over zoom; or the teacher who works overtime to make her virtual second grade classroom engaging and meaningful. 


During these times of darkness, stars are appearing!


Help our community recognize their above and beyond efforts by nominating a local Jewish hero. We'll celebrate them online, sharing your thoughts on what makes them vital to your well-being and the well-being of our community.

  • Brooke Goldstein

    Indianapolis-area resident Brooke Goldstein sewed roughly 1500 face masks this spring.

  • David Calderon

    Niche Business Owner Responds to COVID-19 Supplies Call for Action

  • Dr. Amy Kressel

    Eskenazi COVID Taskforce Head Models Jewish Leader's Teachings

Elliott Gold

Elliott Gold took it upon himself to organize the group of men, affectionately known as the ROMEO's, to take the money they would have spent on getting together for lunch and send it to Popsie's Pantry!!

Didi Kerler

Didi Kerler, Education Director with Congregation Beth Shalom, hasn't missed a beat in taking care of her community. She has gone above and beyond, taking on mitzvah projects by herself and serving every aspect of the congregation.


Marcia Goldstein

Marcia Goldstein, Founder of Life After Fifty, at Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation (IHC), offered computer help and organized a buddy system during the pandemic. She is always there for help. 


Nancy Koppel

Nancy Koppel, a child advocate volunteer at the Indiana Department of Child Services, is in a high risk COVID-19 class due to age. Even though she is high risk, Nancy continues to work tirelessly at the Indiana Department of Child Services, preparing social histories for children in the DCS system in need of adoptive homes. 

Jordan, Eli, and Benji Fisch

Jordan Fisch, along with her sons Eli (10) and Benji (7), started purchasing reusable face masks in bulk at the beginning of the pandemic to tie-dye and sell. They donated the proceeds to Popsie's Pantry. They came by July 2 with a $400 check.